4moms App

Mobile app for communicating with mamaRoo infant seat, 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat, moxi stroller via Bluetooth Low Energy

iOS mobile app for 4moms, focusing on product portfolio and connected features for mamaRoo, Self-Installing Car Seat, moxi stroller. Allows users to Bluetooth pair to 4moms connected products, register their 4moms products, and follow 4moms news via The Fold, a parenting blog.

For the self-installing car seat, the app focuses on alleviating the difficulty associated with installing traditional car seats by guiding the user through the installation process.

The app is written in Objective-C, and takes advantage of CoreBluetooth as the primary driver for the Bluetooth LE connection code.

The app won Jonnie Hallman’s Judges Choice Award at the 2015 AIGA Pittsburgh’s Annual Design Competition and Exhibition.

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